Some effective tips to upgrade the warehouse racking system.

For any business, expansion is the ultimate goal. If you manage the warehouse, you would want to expand it in the future. But expanding warehouse is a task that needs deliberate planning and a lot of investment.

But besides money and planning, one needs to see if the existing warehouse and its components are scalable or not. Location of the warehouse also plays a crucial role in determining the warehouse expansion plan.

Given what a daunting task it is to expand a warehouse, businesses often give up on the thought of actually scaling it. But when the space is so tough even to perform routine warehouse tasks with ease, one must seek industrial storage solutions.

Scaling your warehouse will not only make your warehouse processing quick and efficient, but it will also help in the prevention of mishaps and accidents.Most often, businesses fail to optimally manage a warehouse storage system and thus end up wasting a lot of money and workforce.

Getting help from industry experts rack manufacturers when planning warehouse expansion can save you a lot of money, reduce the chances of transitional mishaps, and loss of goods. But there are plenty of ways to update your warehouse without risking the damage to your goods and the well being of your employees. So, let’s check out some of the ways here.


When maintaining a warehouse, conducting regular rack audit should be on your to-do list. If you haven’t spent much time looking around your warehouse, you better start doing it now.

Through regular rack audits, you can easily figure out which area of the warehouse needs to be upgraded and which racks need to be replaced.

Most of the times, managers fail to ascertain how much racks to acquire which can have severe implication on the racking system. Over time, due to overuse, racks can become unstable and turn into a hazard. So, when updating your racking system, ensure that your racks are expandable and of good quality.


As mentioned, the rack audit is an apt way to evaluate how effective your current warehouse management system is. Rack audit can reveal how much space your racking system is acquiring and where you can save on space.

Most companies use selective pallet racks as an ultimate solution to their warehouse needs. But given the fact that warehouse spaces tend to get tight over time, having a scalable racking system in place is essential.

When selecting your rack system, consider the one which offers efficient space management and increased efficiency in picking goods. Push back pallet rack system are ideal for a warehouse that has a space management issue as pallets can be pushed to create more space for other racks.


Aisles are an essential part of any warehouse. Without ample space to move the pallets around the warehouse, you cannot manage a warehouse efficiently. But by reducing or eliminating unnecessary aisle space, you can create a lot of extra warehouse space.

By incorporating drive-in rack system, you can save up to 60% of storage space which can be utilized to store so much of goods.